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TransHarvard coordinates trans+ specific resources. Additionally, many Harvard offices provide resources for community members.

Weekly Community Gathering

Once a week, we have a closed space for trans+ Harvard undergraduates. We had a lot of fun last year, looking forward to restarting!

Restarting mid-September

Group Chat

We manage an ongoing trans+ Harvard group chat - email us to get an invite!


Top Surgery Recovery Kit

Including wedge pillows, recovery clothing size XL and XXL, support supplies, and a lot of things you'd otherwise spend money on for top surgery, created by two Harvard trans students who had top surgery while enrolled. Available for two months at a time so you can plan in advance and are in no rush to return.

Next available September 1

Peer Support

Connect with one or more of our board members and support staff to help navigate campus as a trans+ student and be introduced to local and campus resources, involvement opportunities, and more.

Next available November 1 (zoom, phone, or in person)

Ongoing (email)

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