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We were developed when some members of our community saw a need to celebrate our joy and existence. We were so inspired by the work of the Association of Black Harvard Women and their annual vigil, and wanted to create an event that honors our lives as much as theirs does.

We quickly realized that many Trans+ young folks don't know Trans+ adults and elders, nor do they know a lot of Trans+ people of different race, gender, sexuality, and financial resources. We want to build spaces where we are stronger for our diversity and can center the needs of our most marginalized community members.

Get to Know Us


To foster spaces that welcome all Trans+ folks and encourage allyship in the classroom, in sports, and in society.


A Harvard that has Trans+-specific resources, events, student-run organizations, and a Trans+ community not only surviving but thriving in all aspects of their lives and across our diverse community

To our knowledge, we are the largest student-run Trans+-focused event in the world.



Welcome! My name is Kris (they/them) and I'm your 2023 Executive Director for the Harvard Trans Celebration & Conference.

I am a nonbinary transmasc Autistic self-advocate and student at Harvard College studying History of Science: Medicine and Society, Women and Gender Studies, and Global Health and Health Policy.


I've worked on the board of the Trans Community of New England, USA Curling College Divisional Board, Harvard Athlete Ally, and Harvard Curling. I currently serve on the Diversity, Equity Inclusion Committee of USA Curling and on the Autism Society's Council of Autistic Advisors. I was the lead facilitator of the 2022 Harvard Trans+ Community event and 2021 Conference Autism: Education & Equity - A Public Health Discussion and founder of neurodivergency-focused nonprofit, Pandemic Learning Tutors. I am the author of the upcoming 2023 Community Health Needs Assessment for the Trans+ Community at Harvard. I'm interested in healthy equity, disability policy and law, and cacti!

I wouldn't be able to do this without the help of an amazing and massive team of volunteers and executives - thank you! We've been an official team of one for more than a year and we're growing every day!

I hope to see you there - come say hi!

Welcome! My name is Maddy (she/her), and I am the Deputy Director of this year’s Harvard Trans Celebration & Conference. 


I am a cis student at Harvard College studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and Global Health and Health Policy with a goal of working in medicine in support of health equity for trans individuals.


I want to build and support conversations on how we can work to make healthcare an accepting and compassionate space for people of all gender identities. 


I was a volunteer at last year’s conference, but I joined the executive team this year to help scale up the event to be able to impact as many people as possible. See you there!


Let trans girls play!

IMG_8922 6.jpg

Hello!  My name is Oliver (they/them), and I am the Deputy Director for this year’s Harvard Trans+ Celebration and Conference.  

I am a Genderqueer student at Harvard College studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and American Sign Language.  It is my goal to work in the field of Gender-Affirming Surgery.

I came out at the age of 11, and have since become deeply involved in trans and LGBTQ+ rights advocacy.  I come at this work from multiple angles, having experience in research, student activism and organizations, community based activism, and political advocacy.  I am an intern in the Harvard BLGTQ+ office, a Research Intern in the Department of Gender Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital, and a Co-founder of a new organization aiming to highlight diverse queer intersectionality (

I am always looking to connect with new folks in the trans+ space, so please introduce yourself at the conference!

Hi! My name is Oliver (they/them), and I’m the Director of Volunteers for this year’s Harvard Trans+ Celebration & Conference.

I’m a non-binary and transmasc student at Harvard studying Psychology. I hope to work in mental health as a Psychiatrist where I can serve the trans+ community throughout my career.

I’ve been volunteering as a counselor for The Trevor Project for almost 3 years which means I’ve been deeply involved with supporting the mental health of trans+ youth long before I knew I was trans myself. I am excited for my role in the conference this year because as a volunteer at last years conference and a volunteer at The Trevor Project I know that volunteers can only do their best work to support trans+ folks when they themselves are supported.

I look forward to seeing you there whether you’re a volunteer or an attendee!


Hey y’all! My name is Lee (she/they) and I’m one of the First Year Representatives for the Harvard Trans+ Celebration and Conference! 


I am a non-binary, generational African American, disabled, gay, and neurodivergent student at Harvard College planning to study African American Studies and Statistics. I also plan to go into pre-law and am thinking of pursuing intellectual property litigation, specializing in social good and queer entrepreneurship. 


I am a Black queer feminist organizer and social science researcher. I am the Head of Racial Justice with Queer Youth Assemble. I’ve conducted Critical Race Theory,  criminal justice reform, and intersectional queer research for three years with institutions like the University of Maryland, Fisk University, Friendship Public Charter School, and UChicago. I’ve served as a member of Black Feminist Future for three years as well, working as a Steering Committee Member within their Political Hive. I am a junior researcher and youth organizer for organizations in Nashville, TN, including the Southern Movement Committee and Nashville Community Crisis Response. I also am a co-author in the upcoming book, Black Women Navigating the Doctoral Journey: Student Peer Support, Mentorship, and Success in the Academy. I am very passionate about abolitionist work, and racial justice activism.


I am so excited to work with and organize alongside the rest of the trans+ community at Harvard!  :))

Hi everyone! My name is Safara (she/her), and I’m one of the First Year Representatives!


I’m a generationally African American, bisexual Trans Woman at Harvard College planning to study Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies & African American Studies. My ambition is to work for a trans-centered nonprofit after obtaining a graduate degree.


My work began as part of the Roses Council, sponsored by GSA Network, filled with trans girls of color nationwide. Having spoken with the Huff Post, leading national transgender justice events, being featured in the Associated Press, and a documentary entitled "You're Loved", I focus on how sharing the real trans experience can help change the narrative. In addition to this work, I’m also part of a community advisory board for a research project building trans-affirming sex education, sponsored by the University of Washington. Currently, I am working as a Programs and Policy Associate with Transgender Education Network Texas (TENT). Outside of my advocacy work, I am the youngest person in the Texas Kiki Ballroom scene, as part of the House of Lepore.


I can’t wait to hold space with all of you!

2023-07-24 16_54_43.806-0500.jpg

​​Hello! My name is Louise (they/she) and I'm one of the First Year Representatives for the Harvard Trans+ Celebration & Conference!

I’m a student at Harvard College, non-binary, first-generation immigrant, and poet and author. Among my academic interests is an exploration of gender consciousness and expression from the French Revolution to 1990s America to post-colonial South Korea. 

I’ve created, led, and worked on a variety of community organizing and activism projects— some of these roles include serving as a National Ambassador with the organization Student Voice focusing on educational privilege and equity and developing community-rooted pedagogy models, and organizing walkouts, assemblies, and events focused on gun safety advocacy and anti-Asian violence. Most recently, I have been involved in Reproductive Justice advocacy and mutual care projects.

I’m honored and grateful for the opportunity to help build a space of joy and solidarity!



My name is Primo Lagaso Goldberg (they/them/theirs) and I’m the resident graphic designer for the Harvard Trans+ Celebration and Conference.


I also work as a photographer, social impact analyst, and DEI advocate based in the Cambridge and Boston area. Through writing, art, community building, and freelance consulting, I work in the social tech sector to design and create systems, experiences, and spaces where marginalized communities (particularly queer and trans+ people of color) can feel validated and safe.


I’m currently a program consultant and social impact analyst at Hopelab, advocating in the social tech sector for the creation of more healthy and enriching online experiences for young people. I’m currently a third-year at Harvard University studying linguistics and folklore.


Hello! My name is Matteo Diaz and I use he/him pronouns. I am a TransHarvard team member and an incoming first-year at Harvard College.


I intend to concentrate in Electrical Engineering, with a secondary in the social sciences, although these plans remain unfixed. I aspire to do work at the intersection of STEM and public policy, and I look forward to exploring both of these fields throughout my time at Harvard.


As a queer, trans man who comes from a multicultural family of educators, service is one of my strongest values. From a young age, I have been passionate about social justice and worked actively as an organizer in my community. At my high school, I led the effort to establish 10 new single-user, all-gender restrooms. I served for four years on the National Teen Board of Beyond Differences, a youth led social justice movement working to end social isolation. I also worked closely with the Spahr Center, my county’s only non-profit dedicated to serving and supporting the LGBTQ+ and HIV+ communities, where I served as a Youth Advocacy Coalition Fellow and an intern in the Training Institute.


I have a wealth of experience in areas including curriculum development, cultural competency training, and public speaking. Drawing on my lived experiences and skills, I hope to make a positive impact on the world around me. I am deeply committed to trans+ advocacy and greatly appreciate the opportunity to work in community with this incredible team!

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